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ColorHug solderpad

display colorimeter; calibrate your screen for accurate color matching

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ColorHug is an open source hardware colorimeter, a small accessory that measures displayed colors very accurately. It is held on your display and plugged into a spare USB port on the computer for the duration of the calibration.

Using the ColorHug it takes about a minute to take several hundred measurements from which the client software creates an ICC color profile. This color profile file can then be saved and used to make colors look correct on your monitor.

This project is a clone of the project where the latest versions of the hardware, firmware and drivers are maintained.

The product is available for sale from



Bill of Materials

Designator Value Description
C3 100nf CAPACITOR (0805)
C4 100nf CAPACITOR (0805)
C5 100nf CAPACITOR (0805)
C8 100nf CAPACITOR (0805)
C6 10uf CAPACITOR (0805)
C9 1uf CAPACITOR (0805)
C1 22pf CAPACITOR (0805)
C2 22pf CAPACITOR (0805)
X1 12MHz CRYSTAL (HC49smt)
D1 unknown DIODE (0805)
U3 unknown L78L33AC (SOT89)
LED0 unknown LED (0805)
LED1 unknown LED (0805)
U? unknown PIC18F46J50 (TQFP44_10)
R1 10k RESISTOR (0805)
R2 1k RESISTOR (0805)
R3 1k RESISTOR (0805)
R4 1k RESISTOR (0805)
U1 unknown TCS3200 (SO8)
CONN2 unknown USB (USB_mini_TYPE-B_SMT_truncated)



This project is © Richard Hughes, and is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 licence.