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A Medium-Power, 50 MHz - 3 GHz, 10-95 dB RF Attenuator for hobby or professional use

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We're working on an RF Attenuator for hobby or professional use with the following features:

Medium Power Input: -30 to 45 dBm Wide Bandwidth: 50 MHz - 3 GHz Large Attenuation Range: 10-85 dB (20-95 when input power > 35 dBm) Manufacturing cost: Under $200 (aiming for $100 or less in larger quantities) Simple to use: A single rotary encoder knob with built-in switch and an LCD are all that's needed for simple yet powerful interfacing. Easy calibration if you have access to an RF Signal Generator and Spectrum Analyzer

Necessity is the mother of invention. So when we found ourselves in need of an RF attenuator that could handle up to 30 dBm or so, and a wide range of frequencies, the only options available were over $3,000. And that price was for a manually adjustable model that wasn't as useful as we'd hoped for.

So we set out to make something better. And it's coming along quite nicely.

We'll be posting progress as things develop.


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