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a LED which slowly fades in and out

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A classic 555 Timer circuit made at oshcamp using a kit kindly provided by .:oomlout:. and documented using Fritzing.

The rate of the breathing is governed by the charging and discharging of capacitor [C1], with a smaller value of say 33µF speeding up the breathing rate. The resistor [R2] may be slightly tweaked to adjust the rate, for example try 22kΩ.




Bill of Materials

Designator Value Description
C1 100µF Electrolytic capacitor; 100µF; voltage 10V
R1 33kΩ Resistor
R2 470kΩ Resistor
LED1 LED-10W-F 10mm LED frosted white
TR1 BC547 NPN-Transistor
U1 NE555 555 Timer
VCC1 9V 9V battery, PP3 or similar



This project is published under the terms of the BSD License licence.