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Radiation detector openrelief

A low cost ionisation chamber-based radiation detector


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Prototype of an ionisation chamber-based radiation detector for OpenRelief. Designed around a Nanode but could easily make use of another Arduino-compatible board with Ethernet.


Note that this design/code is alpha quality. Known issues include:

  • Code ceases to print measurements out to the serial port if Ethernet is not connected
  • No scaling in code
  • Chamber design needs optimising, e.g. tweaking its capacitance
  • Prototype makes use of 3 x 9v (PP3) batteries for chamber bias, and this needs replacing with an Arduino shield boost converter

Electronic design (EDA) files are KiCAD format.



Bill of Materials

Designator Value Description
C1 100pF
R1 1M
Q1 PN4117
R2 47K



This project is © Andrew Back, and is published under the terms of the Solderpad Hardware License, version 0.51 licence.