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Energy management and efficient lighting for remote applications

Open Energy Controller

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Originally the energy part of the Flux project with power innovations from this older project, 2008, now forked and shared into its own open project. it supports PV, generator or aux power sources and manages series Li-ion (poly or other) batteries. It includes MPPT as well as a DC-DC converters and efficient LED lighting drivers, A number of units can be integrated together to increase power and it is Flux based so integrates with the flux motor controllers etc.. Its great for camping, caravanning, boating,sailing, expeditions, aqua/hydroponic and general off-grid low voltage power. It is also perfect for remote weather stations, environmental and even agricultural actuation/monitoring/control, autonomous robotics (part of fluxmesh), remote networks and offgrid events, it could even be used to power autonomous blimps.


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This project is © Alan Wood, and is published under the terms of the CERN Open Hardware Licence, version 1.1 licence.