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Dual Stepper Motor Module folknology

Open Source dual stepper motor driver constructed with through hole components

Dual Stepper Motor Module

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This Open Source Stepper motor driver module controls has two channels to enable control of two stepper motors at up to 3.5 amps maxim current. It has an IDC interface to connect to any Microcontroller. In addition it has a two channel Mosfet driver for switching low voltage high current loads. Two of these can be used to control X,Y,Z axis along with a fourth channel for extruding or similar. It has been developed as a general purpose driver board but was initiated to operate RepRaps. It can be used to build CNCs, laser cutters, Plasma Cutters or even pick and place systems, in fact anything require the use of stepper motor control. One of its advantages it a complete through hole component selection making construction accessible to a wider range of makers.

Farnell basket of parts You will need to source the Stepper driver chips TB6560AHQ elsewhere as Farnell do not stock them And you might want to up the PTC fuse rating from 2 amps to something more realistic for your power consumption



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