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To encourage children to understand the link between the physical world and electronics

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I was explaining to my 8 year old daughter about the 80's and the popular interest in MicroMouse and Turtles, I promised that we could build something together, my objective was to get her interested in understanding mechanics, electronics, software, design and planning.

So MeerBot..... a small low cost two wheel mobile platform, it will be about the floor plan of CD/DVD disc, runs on AA NiMh batteries and potentially can support inter bot communication. I would like it to learn its environment, follow lines, go to sound, take a programable route and last a couple of hours on battery, but most importantly be low cost.

Future of MeerBot, Later I would like to move to a larger platform supporting self balancing and navigation as well as more sensors and intelligence (similar to nBot http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/robo/nbot/ )..... something for later


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